The Property Market With Apartment For Lease In 2017

In addition to the growth and development of the segment of office leasing, rental housing, the market for apartment leasing in 2017 also achieved significant success.

Considered as a potential property segment and bring a lot of profit to many investors have been and are moving in the direction of investment into the apartment rental segment. Let Vietnam Real Estate learn about the property market for rent today.

Explosion of the property market with apartment for lease

Despite the “disgrace” for a long time, however, in recent times apartment rental is a hot segment of the market and attracts many investors. Apartment rental model has quickly received attention from investors and customers.

The real estate market for rent

The market for rental apartments

Specifically, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the model of apartment rental is very exciting. Investors or clients can easily search for rental properties through property brokers or reputable property sites. Accordingly, customers can easily find apartments for rent in each street, each ward, each district … Customers can also choose to rent apartments by price, segment or by area option…

The real estate market for rent

A small apartment for rent in Hanoi

The market for rental apartments is considered a stable and high turnover item in the real estate investment field today. In the period 2015-2016 the apartment rental category is like the ‘golden egg hen’ in the field of leasing real estate. On the other hand, with the imbalance of supply and demand as the demand for rent is too large, the amount of rental housing has pushed up the rental rate of raw materials to high.

The suction of the apartment for rent

Gadgets and landscapes

In fact, the price of renting apartments and renting high-class rooms today is a quite small difference of only 500 thousand to several million. However, the apartment rental customers are enjoying more excellent facilities. Specifically: more security, more spacious area with full facilities …

The real estate market for rent

Modern luxury apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition, when customers choose to rent apartments, they also enjoy additional amenities in the apartment such as commercial center, restaurant, gym, … Not to mention the public facilities In the area is also built more complete.

If you take the time to find some cheap apartments can own both the environment and beautiful scenery. Help you have a better and healthier life.

High profitability and high liquidity

The imbalance of the supply-demand balance is the lever that brings the power and profit to the rental property. While the demand for renting apartments of the people increased, the property category will also grow and generate a large profit.

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High-end, low-cost apartment rental projects are very popular with tenants. Investors of these projects do not need to spend too much capital because the area of each apartment is quite small and simple utility. However, rental rates for these projects are increasing. So investors will quickly get more profit from this potential segment. Apart from good profitability, apartments for rent are also highly liquid. Investors can easily rent apartments and earn money immediately.

The real estate market for rent


Apartment rental market is very potential and stable growth. Strategic investors will quickly approach this segment and develop it with a variety of property projects. Besides this segment also received positive feedback from customers. So the ability to dominate the same amplitude of price increases is indispensable for the rental market.

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