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The Reasons You Should Buy The Estella Luxury Apartment In District 2

Since its inception in October 2012, the Estella apartment project has attracted the largest number of tenants compared to other projects in District 2 because of the project design as 1 The resort in the heart of the city with many green areas and a cool balcony.

The Estella apartment for rents range from $ 800 per month for a basic furnished unit and if the fully furnished apartment will cost $ 900-1000 per month.

The Estella apartment
Interior perspective of The Estella

Currently, the first phase of the Estella apartment has sold out, interested customers can buy the transfer back on the market at a price of 33 million / sqm.

The reasons you should buy The Estella luxury apartment in District 2

If you are looking to buy an apartment in District 2 to live or invest in, the Estella apartment project is a smart choice for many reasons:

  • The Estella Project Owner is Keppel Land (Singapore) Group, which is experienced and prestigious in the construction field in Vietnam.
  • The location of the project close to the center of District 1, convenient transportation can go through Saigon Bridge or through the modern Thu Thiem tunnel.
  • District 2 is being built by the HCMC government to build a modern urban area of Asian community with the center of the Thu Thiem new urban area.
  • Estella apartment is full of amenities of a high-end project, contributing to a classy living environment including: swimming pool, tennis court, gym, supermarket, cafe, …
  • Currently, the Estella apartment has been completed and put into use with about 70% of its residents, including a large number of foreigners who are hired.
  • The modern Estella design is still Oriental, with a spacious living room and especially the apartments have large balconies overlooking the pool area or the park.
  • The security and property of the residents are ensured through a strict security system, especially strangers can not enter the Estella apartment without the permission of the owner because the protection is always 24 / 24.
  • The selling price of apartments from 34 million sqm, now investors have several small units and the pool is very beautiful.
  • The area of the Estella apartments is spacious, so guests can easily arrange items in the house, the area ranging from 101sqm – 124sqm will be the two bedroom apartment and from 146sqm up will be the 3 bedrooms.

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The Reasons You Should Buy The Estella Luxury Apartment In District 2

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