Thu Thiem Empire City Apartment – The Opportunity Of Investment And Settlement

Thu Thiem Empire City Apartment – An Ideal Opportunity Of Investment And Settlement

Thu Thiem Empire City project is a part of Thu Thiem’s billion-dollar project in District 2 that is in harmony with nature and completely different from other projects.

The project of the Thu Thiem Empire City is symbolic of a new dynamic and creative city in the East. This is considered as a symbol of Thu Thiem urban area, it is creating a fever for unprecedented apartments in the area and causing great impact on the real estate market.

With such a “fever”, the question is given that “Should you settle or invest in Thu Thiem Empire City apartment project?”

We will find out together to answer this question.

How do clients intend to invest in Thu Thiem Empire City apartment project?

Customers who want to invest in Thu Thiem Empire City are also completely assured. Because experts have recognized that any project worth living in the future will provide a long-term investment opportunity that will surely make a very good profit.

However, the investment in Thu Thiem Empire City is suitable for you or not? Hereafter, we will learn more about the options that can invest when you are interested in the Thu Thiem Empire City.

Firstly, the investment in buying for sale later

It sounds pretty good, for this investment project you should have a long-term investment plan. It is best for apartments in Thu Thiem Empire City that should be handed over from 1 to 2 years, will have a high value.

As we can see, the market in high-end apartments now has good liquidity, but the secondary payment is not high and the profit is also not high. Thu Thiem Empire City project has a total of about 3,000 apartments, according to surfing scheme, you should apply for one or two “excellent” units on the only exchanges.

One advice for those customers is that you should invest in the long term, the longer the better, the real estate value of the Thu Thiem Empire City project in the future will be a real estate market in the golden land like the center of District 1.

Secondly, the investment for rent

Customers who want to invest for rent, you can rest assured. Because we completely believe the investment channel can be considered safe. Due to the luxurious living values that the city of Thu Thiem offers, it will certainly attract many clients for rent in the future.

The advice for you is that customers should invest for rent, especially if there is idle money in the bank, you should consider. Next, you can also use bank loans to accumulate high-value assets such as the Thu Thiem Empire City when it is formed.

You can also refer to the rental price in the neighborhood to better understand the investment plan in Thu Thiem Empire City.

Currently, the rental price of a two-bedroom apartment in the Sala urban area ranges from $ 1200 to $ 1500 per month. So, with this rental level, the profit for investors will be about 6% per year that is not including the added value of the apartment.

For the purchase to resale, Sala with two-bedroom apartments are priced at about $177 thousand, so the value difference will be about $31 thousand – $44 thousand within about 2 years. Then, the average profit in a year will be 9% for the purchase to resale. It will make a great profit, won’t it?

Then, in the future, Thu Thiem Empire City project with the completion of the routes, the profitable rate expected by experts will be about 12% per year for the purchase to resale, and 8 % per year for rental investment.

So, the investment in Thu Thiem Empire City apartment project both purchase to resale and rental investment is also very favorable for investors.

Thu Thiem Empire City

From Thu Thiem Empire City you can see the center of District 1 directly

How about settling in Thu Thiem Empire City?

With the experience of many years operating in the East, the experts can understand the speed of development in Thu Thiem in recent two years. Advice to those customers is that when you come to the Thu Thiem Empire City, the first value that resident getting is the value of life.

Empire City Thu Thiem designed by the world’s leading design firm – KPF Group of America – one of the famous and prestigious corporation with high-class works and urban areas in the world, promises to bring the residents a perfect life.

With the talented hands as well as the desire of the designers, Thu Thiem Empire City apartment project will always ensure the four elements: Modernity, delicacy, a good living environment and caste of residential community

Therefore, that you choose to buy an apartment in Thu Thiem Empire City is right and reasonable to give you a wonderful life.

Coming to Thu Thiem Empire City to be a smart investor, for a luxurious and perfect life.

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