Thu Thiem Empire: What Makes Thu Thiem So Expensive?

Ho Chi Minh City is changing vigorously every day, stronger, more modern and full of vitality. No longer a Saigon with obsolete roads and peddle wares in the back streets. Now Saigon has become much different compared to the past.

The luxurious and modern buildings have risen with clear, wide boulevards and comfortable highways.

All the changes have made a Ho Chi Minh City which is not only bright and modern but also very oriental, very Vietnamese, fit to be one-time well-known Far Eastern Pearl.

Then what are factors that have made the expense of Thu Thiem like that?

What make it catch a lot of attentions? Right now let find out and answer this question.

The Prime Capital of Thu Thiem is located in the South East of Saigon River. It is new, modern and wipe-open center of Ho Chi Minh City with the main functions of a economic, financial, commercial, cultural, high-class service center of the city, the region and the world.

Thu Thiem is stable prime capital. The conditions for natural landscape of Thu Thiem land have created open, comfortable spaces, public works to serve inhabitant and worker’s life here.

The Prime Capital of Thu Thiem involves 8 functional areas. Every area contains their own features about the mixture uses, especially the public spaces and the main projects.

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The first functional area – multifunctional commercial service center.

Located on the north of the main core area, consisting of the tallest buildings which are placed along the edge of the Bow Boulevard and Central Square. The public and important projects in the first functional area are: the Center of Convention and Exhibition, museum and the Center of information about plans. In this overloaded life, what can be greater than the conditions about moral value becoming more and more special and important for the variety and richness?

The second functional area – a high-density compound area with the functions as commercial, multifunctional residental quarter and entertainment.

Located on the south of the main core area, this is a compound area with high density. And the high-rise projects are placed along the edge of the Bow Boulevard, especially the main and important public projects are versatile Gymnasiums, School, Stadium, the Watch Tower.

The third functional area – a residential compound along the North of Thu Thiem.

The high-rise multifunctional commercial area is located along the Bow Boulevard. The main project in this area is school and the museum in front of the Center of Convention and Exhibition.

The fourth functional area – residential area located at the North of Thu Thiem.

The commercial projects with high-density functions gather along the Bow Boulevard.

The important public buildings in the fourth area are: the local administration, school, the Center of Community activities, the fuel providing station and fire station.

Integrating all the outstanding conveniences to serve for the inhabitant’s life and the community here has made this place ideal for any consumer.

The fifth functional area: consist of low-density residential quarter at the South of East West Boulevard and public buildings at the North of East West Boulevard. Besides, the main public buildings are: the fuel providing station, Children’s House, 2 schools, the City Administration and the Center of Community Activities.

The sixth functional area – lying along East West Boulevard and in the middle of natural channels of Thu Thiem.

Being arranged with the Technology Park at the North of East West Boulevard, this place will be the clue of economic, commercial activities and research about the information technology. The functional areas include mixed commercial compound, the quiet quarters are behind it and lower densities are located in the West- a perfect place for those who enjoy the peaceful beauty of life.

The seventh functional area- the functional area at the eastern pole of Thu Thiem has some following functions:

Creating the eastern gateway of Thu Thiem – an area involve from medium to high rise with a full range of infrastructure and public utilities.

After days of hard studying and working, to reward yourself for a holiday, nothing is more perfect than the South Delta deluxe hotel with impressive design in harmony with the natural landscape of Thu Thiem for you to enjoy.

The eighth functional area – Southern Wetlands.

Terrain is most of the mangroves, with dredged waterways, development projects must be considered to conserve this important part of the peninsula.

There are 3 development projects that have significant impact on this area: the Southern Pearl River Recreation area, the Botanical Gardens and the Water Parks.

All are designed and managed in a sustainable manner to ensure the well-functioning of the functions it brings to not only people in the area but also the city.

With all the outstanding features like that, Thu Thiem deserves to be expected to bring the best life ever!

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