What Kind Of Real Estate Investment Does Vietnam Have?

Although the same real estate investment industry, also divided into different types of investment. Each type of real estate investment will have different products as well as different customers. Therefore, not only professional investors but also amateurs should learn to get the right perspective on the type of real estate.

Vietnam real estate trading market has great prospects and is in the Top Five countries have developed exciting in the past 5 years. As well as the real estate market in the world, the real estate market in Vietnam recorded and divided into the following types of real estate investment:

  1. Invest in ground land

Land is a form of real estate investment in the real estate market. Some documents state that the term “land-based investment” was formulated and applied to business. It was around 1993. Although there was a time, However, the investment of land has attracted many investors.

The land concept can be simply understood as the land of different areas that have not been subjected to any human impact such as leveling, building. Almost all land plots hold their original state.

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In the form of land investment, investors can earn a high profit when the market land fever. Many experts have appreciated the investment for this type of property because of its high liquidity. However, investors also need to pay attention to the amount of capital to invest in land is quite high compared to other forms of investment. Although, in the Vietnamese market, a psychology of land ownership is still very popular so this type is still a scent for investors to cool hands.

  1. Investment in townhouses

The townhouse is the common name for the street frontage, grade 4 townhouse has been renovated for sale … compared with other forms of investment real estate investment form is much more complicated. Because the nature of the street product is not the same from price to legal issues are difficult to identify clearly. In terms of price, the street itself is hard to fix, but it depends on the market situation, the real situation of the house, the area of the house … as well as the seller’s desired price.

Town-house investment also requires substantial capital from investors. But it is still a very good investment channel and still prevails in the market. Because most of the street houses keep prices on the good market. The opportunity to increase prices for townhouses is more potential than the house in the alley. On the other hand, the townhouse itself is also worth leasing for a fairly high price to create immediate profit for investors.

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Town-house investment also requires substantial capital from investors.

However, experts also assessed that with investment in townhouse investors will not be supported to buy installments. The transaction is required to pay 100% of the value. Legal validity requires clarification. An inadequacy of the street house is that if the small area of the investor has to accept the form of the common book.

  1. Investment in apartments: for sale or for rent

Apartment investment is a form of real estate investment following the trend of a housing of the society. The demand in the apartment market is currently quite large. Therefore, investors who have idle capital put safety requirements on the top should refer to this form of real estate investment.

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Apartment investment is a form of real estate investment following the trend of a housing of the society.

Investors can choose high-end apartments, mid-range apartments, or popular apartments … to invest accordingly. In evaluating this type of investment, experts found that the product easily generated passive but stable income for the investor. Investment is also lighter than other types. If investors can combine with banks to get loans, they can reduce the financial pressure.

The profit from apartment investment is divided into many different levels. Investors can buy off the sale or rent is also suitable price.

    4.New type of investment: investment in flower gardens

In the world, this real estate investment channel is not so new. In the countries that have bold Oriental ideas such as China, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore … Many garden projects have been developed but not enough demand has pushed up prices, creating investment opportunities. safe, owning high margins of profit over time.

In countries such as Britain, America, Australia, Canada, … the market of flowers and cemetery is very exciting, they consider this channel is the serious and profitable investment. On the market, there are cases where investment in this type achieved record highs of up to 600% of investment value.

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The latest type of real estate investment is the investment in cemetery flowers.

According to a report from Park Lawn (www.parklawncorp.com), a company specializing in providing cemetery gardening services in the North American market, from January 1, 2013, the company’s profits have grown significantly, up to 165%.

Fu Shou Yuan, a provider of Park Lawn-like services in 16 major cities in China, also posted a net profit of 448.5 million yuan ($ 67 million), up 23% over the same period last year. . China’s cemeteries market is expected to reach 200 billion yuan ($ 30 billion) by 2020.

Despite the recent development in recent years, the attraction of the cemetery flower projects in Vietnam is also evidenced by the number of products sold in the market. With open mechanisms, open the legal corridor and the accompanying regulations, this is one of the types of good investment does not depend on the cycle of ups and downs of real estate.

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