Which Do People Have When They Buy Vincity Apartment?

How does VinCity corporation’s Vingroup apartment benefit from it and with rates from $30,435 to $43,486,956 Vincity flat apartments if it has the quality?

The representative for Vietnamese private enterprise, VinGroup is a leading real estate corporation that has led the way and has been a huge success in many residential, commercial and real estate segments. . And recently, the group announced plans to develop a series of low-cost Vincity projects in seven provinces and cities to provide between 200 and 300,000 low-cost apartments for housing demand for people.

According to Vingroup representatives, when joining the low-cost housing segment, the group looks forward to innovating on affordable housing. Rather than the former, cheap quality apartments are not far away from the center and there are no facilities, VinGroup will build VinCity – a low cost apartment project with high quality, full facilities in sync with smaller area is suitable for people’s budget.

View detail information of Vincity District 9 here:https://realestatevietnam.com.vn/properties/vincity-grand-park-apartment-in-district-9-ho-chi-minh-city/

How is the price of VinCity apartments “cheap”?

VinCity projects in seven locations including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hung Yen, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, Ha Tinh and Thanh Hoa, VinGroup are offering VinCity apartments based on land prices and market prices. The cheapest apartment in the province is estimated at $19,565, and in big cities like Hanoi or Saigon, the VinCity apartment will cost $30,435. In particular, the owner also offers cheap service rates from $173- $347 / sqm.

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With the price of $30,435, VinCity apartments are evaluated really cheap?

From $521- $565/sqm is the price converted into the smallest area of ​​VinCity apartment, this is not cheap to the real income of ordinary people so the purchase of such apartments is also quite difficult. However, should look at the issue in an overview and expand beyond the price, we can see that compared to all utilities commitments for the community of VinCity apartment, the price is really cheap. Because, compared to cheap apartments that do not meet the utilities for the people, VinCity is built with a closed complex model with synchronous facilities including hospitals, schools, convenience store, sports area … together with green living space like Vinhomes class name has been affirmed in the market of VinGroup.

In addition, as a middle-income housing product, the Vincity apartment project will have the best homebuyer support policies. That is the participation of many commercial banks willing to VinGroup loans with great incentives. According to the plan, the buyer only needs to accumulate 20-30% of the total value of the apartment (about $6,521) and it is possible to buy VinCity apartments and the rest will be borrowed and paid off at a later time.

And to solve a long-standing problem of cheap apartment market is that cheap apartments hard to reach people who need to buy but often have to pay the difference. VinGroup has clearly stated that the Group will manage very transparent, consistent selling prices and not let the price gap appear to make the market bothered buyers so that access to VinCity apartments with the best price.

Vincity Project

Utility within the surrounding area of Vincity Project

Owning VinCity apartments, the people own great advantages

Although the location is far from the center of the city (for VinCity Hanoi and Saigon), the investor still chooses where the transportation infrastructure is convenient, easy to connect to meet the needs of moving. The people in VinCity still own many big advantages that no project can meet:

The average low price is only about $30,435/unit for a product of VinGroup’s most prestigious brand.

Prestigious Investor: is a project developed by a world-class corporation in the development of world-class projects. Vingroup is the most reputable investor in the real estate industry in Vietnam with a wide range of products such as Vinhomes, Vinpearl, Condotel … So we can absolutely rest assured when buying Vincity apartment.

Low construction density: with a scale of VinCity projects in each locality from 20 to 50 ha, and the density of construction is only 20-25%. Facilitate the creation of a landscaped green space that enhances the livelihood of the residents. This is extremely rare for the popular apartment project.

Synchronous utilities system: In Vincity urban areas there will be a closed system of benefits not less than Vinhomes such as schools, hospitals, sports centers, commercial centers, supermarkets, parks, amusement areas… serve the needs of people utility.

Quality commitment: Quality is the decisive factor that helps Vingroup succeed and win customers’ trust. Therefore, with the promise of apartments Vincity representative of VinGroup, people will be completely assured of the quality of the apartment they have bought.

Construction on schedule: Vingroup projects are well known for constructions handed over on schedule, sometimes even surpassing the schedule which makes customers buy apartments very satisfied.

In addition, besides the VinCity projects, there is also a system of development infrastructure, which facilitates the connection of residents to other places in the city.

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