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Who Is The Kenton Node’s Investor?

Kenton Node –  Trillion dollars project has been “revived” for years thanks to bank loans of up to VND1,060 billion.

The project has become a focal point for attracting domestic and foreign investors thanks to their outstanding advantages in terms of scale, location and design. So who is behind the large project? How are their finances?

Who is Kenton Node’s investor?

The project owns a prime location on the backbone of Nguyen Huu Tho. Super projects with many types of investment: apartment, shophouse, apartment hotel, 5-star hotel, .. becoming the focus of attention real estate investors in District 7 in particular and Ho Chi Minh City area in general.

Tai Nguyen Construction Trading Manufacture Co., Ltd is the official owner of the Kenton Node project. This unit was established on March 29, 1996 with chartered capital of VND2 billion. The company operates in the field of infrastructure construction, manufacturing and trading of building materials, mainly concrete, construction stone and macadam.

Since 2001, Tai Nguyen has restructured its production and business model and focused its core resources on real estate investment and trading. Currently, the company concentrates mainly on investment and construction of apartments and offices for rent.

Tai Nguyen has three branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Thuan, three subsidiaries, two affiliated companies, and the Private University of Technology and Management (UTM).

Kenton Node project
Tai Nguyen Construction Trading Manufacture Co., Ltd is the official owner of the Kenton Node project.

With fast and sustainable development, Tai Nguyen Co., Ltd is a reputable investor – a guarantee for the success and development of real estate products under the brand name of Tai Nguyen.

What is their financial potential?

Over 20 years of operation with an initial chartered capital of just VND2 billion, Tai Nguyen Limited Company has grown to become one of the strongest companies in real estate investment with a wide range of large and small projects. Get into operation and get the recognition of the experts & customers

Typical Projects of Tai Nguyen:

  • Road tunnel works through Hai Van pass.
  • Ho Chi Minh Avenue.
  • Vinatex-Tai Nguyen office building
  • Kenton Node Project – Hotel Complex
  • Evergreen Project
  • Global City – Ha Tay
Kenton Node project
Perspective of Evergreen project in District 7

Tai Nguyen is constantly expanding its network and services all over the country but also focuses on investing in the education and training of excellent architects serving The development of the unit as well as raising the level of real estate in the country with international friends such as Kenton Node project.

Motto and long term goals of the owner

For Tai Nguyen, the difference makes up the level. Kenton Node apartment is a great result, making a difference from the motto of investors: “The way of resources, the value of resources, must create different products”.

With each resource is a symbolic architectural work. Each product is the crystallization of European-class quality, the sophistication of each design line in their enduring position with time.

Long-term Vision of Tai Nguyen:

  • Became one of the leading companies in real estate investment and development in Vietnam and Asia.
  • Building a professional education and training environment of international standards for the Vietnamese community.

Tai Nguyen’s Mission:

  • Protecting, conserving and honoring the living environment. Building a sustainable, harmonious, modern and beautiful urban development.
  • To establish a civilized community and a cultural lifestyle in order to contribute positively and specifically to the strategies for sustainable development of the country.
  • Providing human resources for the country with international standard education.

Kenton Node and Dream Re-export Market of Tai Nguyen

Kenton Node is formerly known as Kenton Residence. After a six-year hiatus due to lack of funds, the Kenton Residences project has begun to revive under the new name Kenton Node, as well as launching “damaging” weapons. After announcing the plan to restart the project, the investor, Tai Nguyen Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Company Limited, also revealed changes in investment capital as well as the design of the project.

Kenton Node project
The Kenton Node project has invested $ 800 million

Specifically, Kenton Residences has focused on the total investment of US $ 350 million in the past, but after many years of creative research, with the participation of excellent consultants, they established many destinations in the United States and Singapore. Kenton Node will have a total investment of $ 800 million.

Increased capital investment will create a whole new look and function with fully equipped facilities, services, and full conditions of a top destination with nuclear.It is a residential 4 star standard and a nighttime entertainment area for the first time in a real estate project in Vietnam such as water music, hang theater, hotel complex 4 and 5 stars.

The return of Tai Nguyen with the project Kenton Node expresses the aspirations and enthusiasm of this unit in the field of real estate, to create a living space class, comfortable but it is still very luxurious for residents.

The market is waiting for the “big” scale project with more than 50 unique internal facilities first appeared in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Who Is The Kenton Node’s Investor?

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