Why Do You Invest In Real Estate District 4?

Emerging as the second most active market in Ho Chi Minh City, District 4 real estate is an attractive investment opportunity with sustainable value added over time.

You are looking to invest in the real estate market in District 4 but do not know whether this place is real potential and suitable place or not? So let’s explore together the fascinating reasons that District 4’s geography has added to the growing value of real estate projects here.

District 4 is the prime location for Riverine Trends

According to real estate expert Marc Townsend, a leading real estate consultant of CBRE Vietnam has assessed that Vietnam’s real estate market is on a strong development trend and will grow faster in the next time. The best evidence to note is that Vinhomes 2 projects along the Saigon River of Vingroup Group have increased its value up to about 20% until now.

real estate District 4

District 4 market is extremely active with new projects

Meanwhile, considering the area with the most riverside projects, it is necessary to talk about District 4, which is the real estate that is leading the trend of real estate along the river. Because District 4 is the focus of the city’s focus on most infrastructure development. Typically, right at the front of Ben Van Don Street, there will be an extremely large commercial center which will be managed by an extremely prolific conglomerate which will be unnamed to create a surprise. Along with a number of important transport infrastructure projects, this will greatly expand the mobility of people. Therefore, the growth potential of District 4 is increasing.

Owning a real estate property in District 4 or city center property is a great investment secret

The “investment wizard” of the United States Warren Buffett has revealed the secret of real estate investment that is: “If you want a solid investment,” real estate in the city center is a top choice”.

High-end real estate projects occupy a prime location in the heart of the city, with rental and sales prices always higher than other projects in the area and consequently a sustainable added value by the land fund in the central area is extremely rare so the competition is often limited. Not only that, high-value property in the city center also has a sociological element, it is the owner-class position, which is a special demand of the high-end hotel segment.

real estate District 4

High-end real estate projects occupy a prime location in the heart of the city, with rental and sales prices always higher than other projects in the area

Thus, when investing in real estate in District 4, the center of the city, the intersection connecting District 1 with neighboring districts is different, you will also have another factor to increase the value of sustainable real estate by time.

So what are the projects in the District 4 market stand out and how attractive?

It is worth mentioning that District 4 real estate is growing strongly as it is led by big-name owners, capturing the actual demand of the majority of customers at the time of the current market. The owners have launched many products of high quality with many attractive policies such as the high discount on the price, gifted luxury and expensive so that will win the trust of guests.

According to statistics, in District 4, there are nearly 12 large-scale projects under development. This includes projects that have created a reputation such as:

+ Most typical is the TNR The GoldView project with the largest scale with 1,905 apartments: the luxury apartments in the buildings combine modern architecture with fine art and decor. The project is considered as the most successful project in district 4 market in 2016.

+ In addition, the Riva Park project consists of 320 apartments: modern style apartments with area from 59 sqm to 110 sqm. Different from the square design of the apartment with the flexible interior layout, kitchen space and living room designed with logia very airy, close to nature, take advantage of the wind and natural light from the outside.

real estate District 4

The real estate market in District 4 is thriving with a series of outstanding projects

+ Next is the project Galaxy 9 with 21-storey tower with nearly 250 apartments: full range of areas from 48.7 to 103, 8 sqm with from 1 to 3 bedrooms, suitable to the conditions of many customers, At the same time the project is centrally located and full of modern facilities inside so there will be high rental performance.

+ River Gate Complex Project with 180 apartments: providing the best conditions for a comfortable and perfect living with office complex for lease, commercial center and luxury apartments. River Gate apartment promises to bring a refreshing space, help balance life, bring health and passion for your home.

+ Icon 56 Apartments with 312 apartments: with open space design, Icon 56 apartments have balconies and many windows to keep air in the house is airy. In particular, residents will easily view the eye and watch the beauty and cool wind from the Saigon River.

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