Exploring 10 Beautiful Apartments With 3 Bedrooms

Vietnam Real Estate sums up 10 apartments with 3 bedrooms that are suitable for multi-family homes.

3 bedroom apartmentThis apartment with 3-bedroom is divided into one block, while the kitchen and bathroom area is located in the middle so it is very convenient for using daily.

3 bedroom apartmentMeanwhile, this sample apartment has bedroom space which is not too large but in return, the rooms also have windows, ideal for receiving natural light into the house.

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3 bedroom apartmentThe apartment has an ideal length, in which the main bedroom is arranged vertically of the apartment, while the two bedrooms are located at the back of the house, ensuring the family members have private space.

3 bedroom apartmentThe flat with 3 bedrooms is designed with multiple doors

3 bedroom apartmentThe strength of this small flat is the main bedroom at one end and two bedrooms at one end. The central areas are the kitchen and the common living room.

3 bedroom apartmentThis apartment with 3-bedroom is additionally designed with a side-to-side corridor, which is well suited to accommodate tables and chairs for occasional gossip and family dining.

3 bedroom apartmentWith deep color tones and minimalist interiors, this apartment is ideal for small space.

3 bedroom apartmentIf your apartment is as big as the one in the picture, putting the three bedrooms in one block is worth a look.

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3 bedroom apartmentThe design of this apartment is very suitable for the type of apartment in the average area

3 bedroom apartmentThis apartment with moderate area is highly valued in scientific design by bringing the bedrooms to one block, while the cooking area, hygienic on a block.

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