Kenton Node – Tai Nguyen Company’s “War-Horse” Project

At the present, there are many apartment projects in our country being built and attracting customers and investors’ attention in real estate market.

They are built to meet customers’ demand. One of the special projects is Kenton Node project which we cannot ignore. It is expected most in the South Sai Gon invested by Tai Nguyen Company.

The investor’s ambition is recommended in Kenton Node project.

Tai Nguyen Company is a real estate company having an important stature in the market. Most of the customers feel secure when they buy or invest in any company’s projects or products. Tai Nguyen company’s motto is “Our task not only build convenient houses but also create good community sharing the value and philosophic of life together.”

Kenton Node project is a European standard city, an international and civilized one with 100 years sustainable one.

Kenton Node is designed and built according to European standard that is leading “Green city development” trend in Viet Nam and neighbor areas.

Kenton Node has many outstanding features, so it can meet the requires of a civilized and international city. The city is suitable for the young residents who have aspiration and are the future generation.

It is 100 years sustainable city because it is designed according to technical specifications. Therefore, it can face the complex climate change and natural disasters, and its durability is over 100 years.

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What is the difference between Kenton Node projects and others? What are competitive advantages of this project?

The first different thing is the Kenton Node Hotel Complex is a complex project including hotel, apartment, commercial center, school, hospital, and entertainment center.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex Project

Kenton Node Hotel Complex Project infrastructure

The second thing is it meets 5star standard hotel and 4strar standard apartment. Space is the balance of the quick tempo of life. For example,

  • All traffic systems are underground and the space between apartments is pool, trees, and walkway.
  • There is absolute safety.
  • There are many units which can be sold to customers.

The different design:

  • The modern design is European standard.
  • 4 apartments are equipped 3 elevators.
  • Apartments do not share the same wall.
  • The design is flood protection.
  • All of the rooms are full of light directly.
  • Kitchen and restroom are spacious and airy.
  • There is a large garage.

Why should we not ignore Kenton Node project in District 7?

  • It is an ideal living space in Sai Gon. There is not only civilized and modern but also peaceful, airy and fresh.
  • Kenton Node is invested and is designed according to European standard.
  • It is near Phu My Hung urban area and the center of Sai Gon.
  • The value of real estate will be increase 30% – 40% within 2 next years.
  • The investor, design unit, constructors, and project management unit are famous.
  • The price is attractive, so it can be a relaxing place and be a profitable opportunity.

Today, customers have many choices to purchase a high-end and deluxe apartment. However, due to these reasons, the number of customers chose Kenton Node to live and work in peace and contentment.

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